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We had an extremely short winter…and Spring is already in the air! Here is your opportunity to submit your spring sign-up letter. We are already getting calls as spring insects such as paper wasps, carpenter ants, and spiders are already starting to emerge!

We urge you not to hesitate in returning your spring sign up sheet.

My son Jerry, my daughter Tiffiny, Myself, Doug and Brandi will continue to bring you over 70 years of combined experience to the job. Office manager Joan and our attention to customer service you can be certian that your pest problems will be eliminated. Thanks for being a loyal customer and for referring your friends and neighbors. Your support has enabled us to keep our pricing the same as last year (even though our rates are already much lower than our competitors!).

· Sign up online: forms can be completed online by e-mail via our website and entering your information at the bottom of the Protection Plan.
Referrals: new customer referrals continue to qualify for a $10.00 thank you; the new referral will receive a 10% discount When they sign up for Plan A. (please remind your referral to mention your name)

See page 2 for Sign-Up Form and price list, including county sales tax rates


Plan A – 3-Sprays
This plan includes 3 power sprayings: one each in spring, mid-summer, and fall. This plan features the “full season guarantee” * (no additional charge for infestations between sprayings). Full season guarantee runs from April 1 through March 31st of the next year.


Plan B – 2-Sprays
This plan includes 2 power sprayings: one each in spring and fall. This plan has a 30-day warranty * after each spraying. For any infestations after the 30 day warranty, an additional charge of $46.00 will be charged, and Plan A will then take effect with the full season guarantee.


Plan C – 1-Sprays
This plan includes a one time power spraying of the outside of your premises, and can be scheduled anytime from April through September. This treatment is guaranteed * for a period of 30 days


Note: as a courtesy, for any plan, we will treat for spiders and/or inspect for termites inside the house if requested at no additional charge at the time of exterior spraying.

* Guarantee/Warranty does not include termites or fleas (additional charges apply).

For more information on the procedures that we use to eliminate the pests (Click Here).