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Pest Management

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Apartment pest management

We understand that as an apartment manager, your focus is on keeping residents safe and comfortable. Leave the pest control to First Choice. Using our expertise in Integrated Pest Management, we eliminate the pests, remove the risk of damage from infestations, and keep your residents happy. Our products are the lowest possible toxicity and our technicians professional and discreet.

What to expect

  • We thoroughly inspect your property, identify where pests can gain access, and customize treatment for your building.
  • Cockroaches and bed bugs are a special concern for apartment managers and residents. We can provide proactive approaches to both.
  • Small flies and pantry pests are annoying and a potential health risk. Our treatment is designed to stop these infestations in their tracks.
  • Trash and odors can attract pests, especially rodents. Rely on our experts to offer tips to prevent these problems.

Do you need a pest control maintenance program for your apartment building or multi-family home? Are you concerned about a potential infestation? Do you need immediate attention for a pest problem?

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