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Pest Management

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Pest management for your institutions and organizations

When it comes to hospitals, hotels and schools, your reputation is one of your most important aspects. Damage to your reputation can happen in an instant and take months, even years, to repair. At First Choice, we understand that a pest problem is near the top of this list. That’s why we respond quickly and with pinpoint efficiency when you call us for pest management at your facility or institution.

Our procedures are designed to treat your pest problem quickly and thoroughly, and, most importantly, to prevent problems in the future. We will treat for any type of pest, from ants and cockroaches to mice and rats. Our skilled technicians take time to inspect your entire facility, explain our methods, and then educate you and your staff on how to discourage pests from entering your facility in the first place.

First Choice services are available 24 hours a day, providing you flexibility and a discreet approach to protect your business and your reputation.


A proactive and customized approach is crucial in clinics, doctors’ offices and hospitals to ensure that patients are cared for in a sterile and safe environment. Even a small infestation puts patients at risk of exposure to a multitude of viruses and bacteria. Our procedures are environmentally friendly, low toxicity, and highly effective.


A minor infestation in your hotel can become a nightmare for guests if they carry a pest home in their belongings, and it can destroy your reputation. Our approach is thorough, immediate and discreet, so your guests experience a clean and safe environment, unexpected problems are contained, and your hotel remains pest free.


Students and staff, young and old, can be adversely affected by pest problems in their school. At best, a pest issue can be a distraction. At worst, pests can cause everything from panic to asthma concerns. The technicians at First Choice are prepared to stop those unexpected pest problems before they become infestations.