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Bird Control

Commercial establishments may be particularly vulnerable to bird issues depending upon the location of the property, and the design and layout of the facility. The professionals at First Choice have specific knowledge and expertise in dealing with the unique problem of gathering birds near and around commercial buildings, health and educational institutions, and multifamily residential facilities.

Many varieties of birds can be attracted to large open spaces, such as parking lots, as well as overhangs and carport areas, nesting in the relatively protected rafter area. Pigeons tend to congregate where people walk or sit, such as outdoor seating and patios where food is served.

At First Choice, we understand that these issues can be more than a nuisance. Bird droppings can cause health issues and slip-and-fall hazards, as well as damage to roofs, rafters, signage and seating. Some birds have even been known to become aggressive around people. We use proven methods to prevent birds, as well as top quality products from Bird B Gone, Inc.

Bird B Gone provides proven products, including spikes, nets and sound deterrents, to stop your bird problem, then prevent it in the future. We are pleased to use these quality products, which are both effective and humane to all varieties of birds.

Please note: Woodpeckers cannot be controlled and are, therefore, not on the First Choice list.

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