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Pest Management

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The best form of pest control is to prevent them in the first place. At First Choice we offer protection plans that treat your home for all types of pests throughout the year. Our regular treatments are designed to keep pests out, or at least catch infestations in their infancy. Our professionals can help you determine which plan is best for you, or customize treatment based on the season and your specific problem.

We love referrals!

If your referral enrolls in our Plan A protection plan, they receive a 10% discount on their first year of service.
You receive a $20.00 thank you gift.

Plan A: 3 spray treatments

  • Includes exterior power spray treatments in spring, mid-summer and fall
  • ** Full season guarantee - April 1 to March 31
  • Free treatments between sprayings as needed

Plan B: 2 spray treatments

  • Includes exterior power spray treatments in spring and fall
  • ** 30-day warranty on each spraying
  • Additional charge for treatments needed after 30-day warranty and before next scheduled treatment*

*Note: The Plan A full season guarantee takes affect once a paid additional treatment is performed.

Plan C: 1 spray treatment

  • Includes one exterior power spray treatment performed anytime from April through October
  • ** 30-day warranty following treatment
  • All plans include

    As a customer courtesy, for any plan, at no additional cost, we will provide one inside treatment for insects.

    Our perimeter protection plan is designed to keep pests from entering the home.

    Unless a pest issue arises on the inside, there would be no need to have an inside spray performed each visit.

  • ** Guarantee/warranty does not include termites, bed bugs or fleas. Additional charges will apply for treatments for these pests.

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