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Pest Management

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Residential Service

Homeowners know pests are not a one-season problem. In the spring, ants start showing up around your home. By mid-summer you probably are noticing the bees and wasps, and as the weather cools, your thoughts may turn to mice.

At First Choice Pest, we handle any and all pest issues. Our technicians approach each job individually, inspecting your home for evidence of pests that may be nesting in and around your home, and then treating the source. Our pest management program is designed to target the specific problem and not only get rid of it, but prevent it in the future.

We handle all types of pests, from spiders and ants to mice and rats, and everything in between.

What to expect

Our exterior power spray treatment attacks the full perimeter of your home. We spray a 3- to 6-foot width around the perimeter of the house, including soffits, to both eliminate pests and protect against future infestations. Residual protection lasts about two months regardless of weather, so you get continued pest control even after treatment.

All products we use are lowest possible toxicity and are environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your plants, shrubbery or lawn.

All our service trucks are outfitted with the most advanced equipment available to efficiently and thoroughly treat your home, garage and other buildings up to 40 feet high.

Do-it-Yourself treatment - Are you an avid DIYer? Visit our store for a wide variety of pest control products that will help you keep your home pest free.