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Effective Bed Bug Treatment

There is no specific time of year for homeowners to worry about bed bug infestations in Stark, Summit and Mahoning counties and the surrounding Ohio area. This is because bed bugs will hitch a ride to any environment that allows them to thrive. They slip into boxes, suitcases, bags of clothing, anything that you may bring into your home, and work their way to beds and cushions, where they settle in unbeknownst to you. At First Choice Pest, we know where to look for bed bugs and how to treat an infestation, so we get rid of the bugs and make certain they don’t come back. If you think you have bed bugs, call our experts now.

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Do I Have Bed Bugs?

  • Bites are small, itchy welts anywhere on skin exposed while sleeping or sitting on upholstered furniture
  • Reddish brown bugs about 3/16 of an inch long in seams of mattresses and couch cushions
  • Dead bugs and scattered cast off skins on mattresses or cushions
  • Tiny black stains left by fecal material
  • Cream colored eggs visible on dark colored cushions and along baseboard crevices
  • Recent travel, especially overnight hotel stays, puts you at risk

Our Residential Bed Bug Extermination Process

Unfortunately, throwing away your mattress and couch will not get rid of bed bugs. Once they settle in your home, they hide in carpeting, baseboards, even electrical plates. Our system uses a combination of methods that attacks the bugs, the eggs, and all their hiding places so we achieve 100% control over the problem. The first step is 4 to 8 hours of high-powered steam, creating temperatures high enough to kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle. Step 2 is a chemical treatment using dust in cracks, crevices and walls where eggs are often deposited. Finally, we place Nuvan strips in closets and sealed areas, providing a chemical vapor that effectively attacks bed bugs by penetrating any area they may hide. We follow up in three weeks with a thorough inspection and any additional chemical treatment needed. Our process is one of the most effective in the industry at both treating a bed bug infestation and preventing new infestations. Call today.

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