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Odorous Ant

Size: 1/10 inch

Color: Dark reddish-brown to black

Where found: Soil, mulch, inside walls, under floors

Potential treatment: Exterior/ interior

Odorous ants are about one-tenth of an inch long and range in color from dark reddish-brown to black. They typically nest in soil, under logs, mulch and rocks. When rainy weather drives them inside, they will nest inside walls of buildings and beneath floors.

Whether inside or out, they are highly adaptable to climates across the United States. They live in large colonies, with tens of thousands of workers and two or more queens. They forage for food throughout the day and night, traveling in trails and favoring sweet foods and melons.

Females lay one egg each day, with the young emerging in 24 days. Females and worker ants can live for several years.

These ants get their name because of the unpleasant odor, similar to rotten coconuts, that they give off when crushed.