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Name: Stink bug

Size: 1 inch

Color: Shades of brown

Where found: Sides of buildings

Potential treatment: Exterior spray

The stink bug is about one inch long, and with its shield shape, is almost as wide as it is long. Its body is various shades of brown, with lighter bands on the antennae and darker bands on the wings.

This pest is named for the foul odor it gives off when threatened or crushed. Their tendency is to gather on the sides of buildings during warm weather. They seek out sheltered areas as the temperatures cool and are generally not seen again until spring. It is during their search for winter shelter that they may enter your home, entering through gaps in windows, doors, siding and utility entry points.

Adult stink bugs feed on fruits, while their young tend to favor leaves and stems. Eggs are deposited on the underside of leaves. They hatch into nymphs, which are basically a smaller version of the adult. Stink bugs molt several times before becoming full grown. Adults may live as long as eight months, although it is believed their lifespan may be longer since they have no natural predators.

They are not known to bite, but they can become a nuisance in large numbers and they may be a threat to the agricultural industry, as they destroy crops. Some species of stink bugs eat insects that attack crops, however, and these are considered beneficial.