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Fruit Fly

Size: 1/8 inch

Color: Tan, black and gray with red eyes

Where found: Around ripe fruits and vegetables

Potential treatment: Interior

Also known as the vinegar fly, these pests are 1/8 of an inch long and are identifiable by their red eyes, tan thorax, and black and gray abdomen. Although small, they can cover large distances to sustain their large populations.

Fruit flies are attracted to ripe fruits and vegetables, and can frequently become a problem where these products are left out to ripen. In an apparent infestation, it also is wise to check drains, as they favor fermenting and rotting foods.

Fruit flies build nests and lay eggs where there is organic material and standing water readily available. Their population grows throughout the summer, becoming especially large at harvest time, when ripe fruits and vegetables are abundant.

With a life cycle of about 25 days, fruit flies are not as common during cold months. However, those that find their way indoors can continue to sustain themselves and become a nuisance at any time of year.