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Brownbanded Cockroach

Size: 5/8 inch

Color: Brownish yellow

Where found: Damp basements, sewers

Potential treatment: Interior

The brown-banded cockroach is ranked among the small cockroaches at 5/8 of an inch long. Their wings have two brownish yellow bands, and although their coloring is lighter, they often are confused with the German cockroach, which is darker in color but similar in size and considered a small cockroach.

Unlike the American cockroach, which tends to hide in damp basements and sewers, the brown-banded cockroach favors high, warm and dry locations, and the can often be found behind pictures, inside appliances and inside furniture. They can fly and are generally nocturnal.

They are excellent scavengers and will eat anything.

Females mate, then produce egg capsules containing as many as 18 eggs. The female carries the egg capsule for as long as 36 hours before attaching it to a protected surface, often inside furniture. Nymphs mature in about 160 days and adults live up to 10 months.