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German Cockroach

Size: 5/8 inch

Color: Light to medium brown

Where found: Residents, supermarkets, restaurants

Potential treatment: Interior

The German Cockroach is considered a small cockroach, at 5/8 of an inch long. Its coloring is light to medium brown, and despite two dark streaks on its thorax, it has been confused with the brown-banded cockroach, which has lighter brown bands on its back.

These pests may not be as big as the American cockroach, but they are far more common when it comes to infestations in apartments, single-family homes, restaurants and supermarkets, and even cruise ships. They are nocturnal. They will scavenge for any kind of food and are typically found in larger numbers in areas where food is plentiful and there is warmth and moisture.

The German cockroach has easily adapted to a variety of climates and is found more than any other type of cockroach all across the United States.

Females produce one egg capsule every 20 to 25 days, with each capsule containing anywhere from 18 to 48 eggs. They mature rapidly, becoming adults in 36 days, and then live for up to one year.