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Oriental Cockroach

Size: 1 inch

Color: Black

Where found: Crawl spaces, basements, sewers

Potential treatment: Interior

The oriental cockroach is about one inch long and has a shiny dark brown or black body. Frequently referred to as a black beetle or water bug, this cockroach does not actually live in water, but does favor damp areas near the ground, such as beneath porches, in crawl spaces, in basements and sewers.

Frequently, these pests gain access to homes and buildings through cracks in basements doors, gaps in and around water pipes and through sewers.

Oriental cockroaches tend to live near the ground level, feeding on organic matter, garbage and sewage. They seem to prefer starches, but they are excellent scavengers and will eat anything.

In their lifetime, females will produce an average eight egg capsules, each containing about 16 eggs. Nymphs mature in about a year and adults live up to six months.

In addition to their attraction to extreme damp, oriental cockroaches are known for giving off a distinct foul odor, attributed to the many bacterial and viral pathogens they carry.