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Pennsylvania Wood Roach

Size: 1 inch

Color: Dark Brown

Where found: Wooded areas, inside homes in wooded areas

Potential treatment: Exterior / interior

The Pennsylvania wood roach is about 1 inch long and dark brown in color, with yellow markings along the thorax and wings. Adult males have wings and can fly short distances, while females have short wing pads, and cannot fly.

These insects are common throughout the eastern and southern United States as well as the Midwest, and as far north as Canada. They are generally an outdoor insect, but have become more common inside homes as construction of homes in wooded areas has become more popular.

The nest of a Pennsylvania wood roach is usually found beneath loose bark on hollow trees, tree stumps and within woodpiles. They feed primarily on decaying organic matter found in the areas in which they are nesting.

Females produce egg capsules containing up to 32 eggs and deposit them within the protection of the loose bark on dead trees, stumps and wood piles. The eggs hatch in about one month during warm weather and nymphs grow to adulthood over 10 to 12 months. A female adult may live for more than a year.

Pennsylvania wood roaches generally do not seek out access to homes and buildings, but their habit of seeking protection within wood has lead them to nest behind wood shingles. They typically are introduced to the indoors when a nest or eggs are brought inside on firewood.