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House Mouse

Size: 3 to 4 inches

Color: Brown or Gray

Where found: Basements and attics

Potential treatment: Interior

The house mouse is named for its tendency to cohabitate with humans. These critters are small, usually brown or gray, with a pointy nose, black protruding eyes and nearly hairless ears and tail. While they occasionally are seen outdoors, they generally look for sheltered places to nest with a nearby food source.

Keeping the house mouse out of your garage, shed or home can be a challenge, as they are able to slip through gaps as narrow as the width of a dime. They also tend to stay out of sight, so a mouse problem is frequently discovered when a homeowner notices feces-1/4 inch rod shaped droppings-in a basement or attic.

Mice eat a variety of foods, so keeping your kitchen clean and food sealed and stored is helpful in discouraging them. While they generally prefer grains and seeds, fatty and sugary foods are also popular choices. They also will chew on virtually any type of material they come across in your home.

Female mice reproduce quickly and all year round, giving birth to as many as 10 litters in a year. Since just a few mice can turn into hundreds very quickly, it is wise to call a professional at the first sign of mice in your home.

The house mouse is not known to bite, but its feces can contaminate food, causing food poisoning, and it has been known to be a carrier of meningitis.